15 years ago, I met my truly wonderful husband.  One of our common interests is good, healthy food.  In fact, he was the first one to tell me about the Paleo diet – but maybe not in those words.   He called  it the Native American diet and that’s how we should be eating. The name might not have been the same, but all the principles were.

2008, I started a weight lifting regime as well as a typical ‘low fat’ diet.  I knew muscle was heavier than fat, and I gained weight.I gained twenty pounds!!  I continued on with the ‘low fat’ diet – you know loads of cottage cheese, greek yogurt, granola bars, etc.  But I kept gaining weight!  I was limiting my calories to about 1800 per day – and I was starving!  Then one day I went to the doctor for a physical.  My blood pressure was up.  Uh-oh.  High blood pressure runs in the family.  I was not impressed.  So, I continued to try to find the right ‘diet’ that would help me with my workouts, but keep me from being so hungry!  This continued for several years, until I remembered my husband telling me about the native diet.

In 2011, I finally stumbled upon The Paleo Diet, by Dr.Cordain.  It gave me the scientific background as to how and why this lifestyle works as well as an easy to follow blueprint.  No counting calories, no portion sizes, eat as much lean meat, fruit and veg as you can until you are full.  I can do that!  That’s easy!

Now after 4 years of living this lifestyle (yes , lifestyle, not diet) I want to use this blog to share my passion.  After all it is a lifestyle.  For me, it is a permanent change to how I live my life.  Not a temporary one like the word ‘diet’  implies.   I am going to share recipes, other Paleo websites and just everyday things that I continue to learn about being a modern Cavewoman.


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