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Spring 2017

Time to start planning the garden!  I like to plan out at this time of year what we’ll be growing in the garden.  It’s a great way to teach the cavebabies about where their food comes from and supplement what is ordinarily bought at the grocery store!  At least when you grow your own, you know what’s in it!

If you’ve never grown anything before, and always wanted to, start with something easy – tomatoes!  One plant in a pot and watch it grow!



Autumn 2015 Challenge

Get out those slow cookers, or crock pots (whatever you call them) and start slow cooking all of those comfort foods: veggies, meats, soups, stews.  I’ll be posting a few of my favorites along the way!

June’s Challenge

Summer is FINALLY here! This is such a great time of year for fresh fruit and veggies. Don’t forget all the BBQs you can have too – steaks, burgers…yum!!!

Live it up and enjoy it whilst it’s here!


May’s Challenge

Can you believe it’s already May?

How much success have you achieved so far this year? Have you started reading labels? Have you started incorporating Paleo meals into your diet?

Leave your success below for all to share and see!


April’s Challenge

So far so good, almost 1/4 of the way through the year! I can’t believe how quickly this yera is going?!

Here’s this month’s challenge: Read the labels on your food. What’s been added to your food? What are you putting in your body?

The more you know about the food you eat, the better decisions you make for you and your family.

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March’s Challenge

Have you tried a couple of recipes yet? If so, which one was your favorite?

We’re 3 months in to the new year and a new you! Take the Paleo challenge today to see how good you feel. It’s all about taking that first step. It can be scary and a bit daunting, but you have to start somewhere. Let me know how you’re doing. Post your results in the comments section so we can all keep encouraging one another!

February’s Challenge:

Did you accept the challenge of cooking your dinners 100% paleo?  How did you do?  Let me know how you did by posting your results and sharing your successes with everyone!

Are you ready for February’s challenge?

Make 50% of your meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) in a week 100% Paleo.  Let me know how it goes!  To make it easier, I will continue to post new and tasty recipes here.  But you can also check out a website I sometimes use when I’m in a rut:


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January’s Challenge:

Many people make New Year’s resolutions only to never realize them.  Habits change only by doing them for at least 30 days consistently.  Changing to a Paleo lifestyle is no different.  If this is something you truly want to do, then make this your challenge for January.

Plan to make your evening meals Paleo.  That’s it.  Don’t start out at 100%.  Start with dinner. 

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