New Year’s Resolutions (AKA Plans)

Ok, I really hate the word resolution just about as much as I hate the word diet.  To me it just sounds so temporary.  So instead of making a silly resolution, I make plans and work towards those plans.

So here is what I the caveman and I have planned for 2015:  To become more self sufficient in terms of the food we eat.

1.  I’ve found a seed company that only supplies heirloom seeds.  This means that all of their seeds are non-gmo.  The great thing about non-gmo seeds is that after harvest, you can dry the seeds and save for next years crops.  GMO seeds are basically sterile and you cannot keep them from year to year.  Check out their website at  This company even encourages you to dry and save your seeds from year to year and even look to start a seed circle.

2.  We are going to grow a wider variety of food this year including broccoli, tomatoes, chili peppers, onions, potatoes, cucumbers, squash, all sorts of herbs as well.  And yes, we are going to save our seeds from the best plants to improve our yields next year.

3.  All that food requires pollinators and fertilizers.  We are also going to place bee B&Bs that encourage and help our local bee population to thrive and yes pollinate our plants so we can eat!  Unfortunately we won’t have any honey, but at least the little critters have a place to sleep.  We are also going to plant wildflowers that encourage pollinators to visit our little patch.  This will include poppies, lemon balm and daisies.

4.  I hate store bought fertilizers, so we are also going to set up our very own wormery.  This is in addition to the composting bin we setup a year ago.  A wormery is a live composting bin where we put our raw kitchen waste fruit and veg peels, apple cores, egg shells, etc), some worms and they produce a nitrogen rich ‘tea’ that you use to fertilize your plants.  In addition to this ‘tea’ they break down the food scrapes quickly and efficiently (much faster than a traditional composting bin) into a wonderfully rich soil so we can plant more things!

5.  We are also going to buy and place several water butts to collect rain water, thus reducing our need to turn on the tap.  We get so much rain here, why not use what is falling out of the sky for free!

We’ve been building towards these plans for several years now.  I think for us it’s an important step in becoming more Paleo or Primal.  It’s about learning how to take care of ourselves without being a burden on the environment.

As soon as the weather warms up, I’ll post pics to keep you up to date on our progress.

Have you ever done anything like this?  If so, share your tips, success stories, and even where it might have all gone wrong!  🙂

Have a Happy New Year!


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