WOD – 21 April 2014

What a glorious day!  And what a better way to wake up than being magnificently sore from Saturday’s Circuits Class!  Yesterday was recovery day and I had to get started.  So here’s what I accomplished this morning:


Quick warm-up:

Star Jumps



1 minute intervals of:

Burpees (AMRAP)

Squats (AMRAP)

Roller Wheel (AMRAP)

Split Squats (AMRAP)


In between each interval, I also completed 1 minute of star jumps.  Then I repeated and completed 2 sets of each.  The entire workout took about 15 minutes (by the time you put the warm up at the start and the stretching at the end).  All in al I feel good, still sore, but empowered to take on a new day!

AMRAP – As Many Reps As Possible



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