WOD – 1 Feb 2014

What a beautiful day!  It’s about 40 degrees, bright, beautiful sunshine and windy.  Yes the wind is cold, but for the first time this winter, you can actually feel a bit of the heat from the sun!  The perfect day for circuit training!  To start the day, I walked 1/2 mile to the class – just to get the blood pumping.  After class, I walked home. 


The ground was muddy and mucky, but who cares!  You’re in the sunshine and breathing in all that fresh air!  So here is what I did today:

Timeframe was about an hour:

Lunges (weighted)

Squats – weighted (kettlebells)

Spinting and walking

Chest presses

Single Arm Rows

Hoola Hoop


Each excercise was completed twice.  In between each circuit was 10-15 seconds of a cardio excercise – so no down time.  It was fab!  My trainer TJ pushed me today and I’m already starting to feel it!  Good!  Pain is fear leaving the body!!

What are your fitness and Paleo plans for this weekend?

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2 Responses to WOD – 1 Feb 2014

  1. Julie says:

    Good job! I biked for a little more than 3.5 miles this morning! Gotta keep on movin’!

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