Composting – Getting Ready for Spring

Ok, well, this isn’t exactly diet or excercise, BUT paleo is about sustainability, right?

Every year I have a huge vegetable garden.  I grow tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, herbs, peas, string beans, etc.  And every year, I spend a bunch of money on compost.  So why on earth am I spending all this extra money when every day/week/month I throw away perfectly good rubbish that could be recycled and used to make my own compost?

So this year (now that we’re settled in the new house) the caveman and I decided to finally purchase a composting bin.  We bought it as part of district council composting initiative so got the bin relatively cheaper than if we had bought it from a DIY shop.  It was easy enough for one person to assemble.

Now that the bin is setup, the whole family is involved in composting.  We’ve got a pretty little bucket setup on the kitchen counter in which all kitchen scraps end up in (minus the meat).  Things we compost are:  veggie peelings, fruit rinds and cores, recycled card board, egg shells and even things from the garden like leaves and grass clippings (although it’s the winter and we haven’t mowed yet!).  We don’t compost meat, because it can attract critters to your bin and cause a mess.  Also, composting meat can cause an unpleasant smell.   When composting it’s important that your food waste is in contact with the dirt, has plenty of air and plenty of moisture (but not too much).  The little microbes that break everything down need air and water to do their work.  It’s also useful to turn your composte so that everything gets exposed to the microbes, air and water.  I usually turn mine once a week.  It’s not hard and only takes about a minute.

We’re hoping that we should have nice rich compost for our veggie garden by the summer.  I will keep you posted!



Have you or do you compost?  Share your comments with others!

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