Pedal Powered Smoothies

This past weekend, my cavebabies and I ran a 5k – Race for Life in Redditch, UK. Pre-race, we met a really cool company called Green Ape.

What’s Green Ape you ask? Green Ape makes smoothies, but not just any smoothie will do. These smoothies are made from fruit and natural fruit juices. All ingredients are popped in a blender and then you, the customer, sit on a bike and pedal power the blender! The blender sits on the handlebars of the bike and you watch it turn into a delicious smoothie!

Not only is the pedal power an awesome alternative to making delicious drinks, but Andy Taylor, the owner is a cool guy! In speaking to Andy, he said not only are kids getting their 5 a day, but they’re having fun doing it!

Isn’t that what we all want? Our kids to have fun AND eat healthy stuff? Green Ape accomplishes both with their product.

My caveson (aged 11) has been raving about Green Ape sine Sunday and says, ‘Green Ape is awesome, because it’s fun with the pedal power smoothie. I give it 5 stars!.’

My cavedaughter (aged 8), ‘It looks delicious and it was fun going on the bike.’

As a cave-family, we give them 5 stars and recommend them to everyone! Here is the link to Green Ape….check ’em out!


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