WOD – 10 June 2013

WOW – is all I can say. This is the first time in 3 weeks I’ve worked out. I’ve been ill with a chest infection and whilst I’m still coughing a bit after the workout, I feel much better. But the reason I say WOW is because in 3 weeks I have lost so much – muscle and endurance that is. After only 30 minutes I’m wiped out. I will continue to workout this week, but I will ease myself back in to it and perhaps start running my sprints again next week. But here’s what I did today:

30 weighted squats (20lbs)
24 weighted squats (25lbs)
54 pushups
54 seated rows (resistance bands)
36 prone jackknife’s

I know I will feel it in the morning. Pain is fear leaving the body!

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