K.I.S.S.(me) or Lose Me Forever

I think we’ve all heard of the K.I.S.S. Principle….right? Well, I don’t like how it calls you stupid at the end, but I do like to keep things simple as life is pretty complicated already. So why make it more so? So I changed it. Keep It Simple Saturday. You could also put Sunday in there too!

Anyways! After a tough week in the office, what better way to start the weekend, then sleeping in a bit and starting the day off right with breakfast. I love to cook, but it’s Simple Saturday so I wanted a simple breakfast. Bacon, scrambled eggs and cinnamon apples washed down with a glass of organic, no sugar added cherry juice.


You don’t have to have a fancy paleo meal to start the day right. Sometimes the old standby’s work just as well!

What are you having for breakfast? Let me know!

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