Gluten-Free Pizza

Has anyone tried this? I tried it for the first time this week. I had a business lunch at an upscale pizza place this week and two thoughts went through my head when I found out: 1. Pizza?? What am I going to eat? 2. I don’t want to be left out and the only one eating salad. What am I going to eat?

Lw and behold when we arrived, they had a sign up tat said Gluten-free options now available. Yippee!!! Since cheese doesn’t bother me, I thought this would count as a cheat meal for this week and I wouldn’t be left out! When I ordered the gluten free American hot pizza (pepperoni and jalapenos), the waitress asked me an odd question. ‘Are you allergic to gluten?’ Like that should make a difference or not. Surely, I’m the paying customer and if I want a gluten free option then I should be able to get it right? So I said yes, because I really didn’t want to go in to graphic detail about how I feel after I eat gluten – allergy or not. So I said yes and moved on.

The pizza arrived and it was the same size as everyone else’s (the size of a dinner plate)! It didn’t cost more and it had all the ingredients I love. The crust was thinner, but hey it’s a trade off and it was very good. I was very full by the time I finished eating, but I didn’t feel bloated or overstuffed until dinner time and beyond. In fact, when dinner rolled around, I was hungry and able to eat a normal meal. Now, I did get indigestion, but i think that’s because I ate too many jalapenos!

Sorry I didn’t take a picture, because after all I was at a business lunch and didn’t want to be the odd man out!

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