WOD – 13 May

Today’s WOD:

20 Wide grip deadlifts (25lbs)
20 Bulgarian Split Squats (10 lbs each leg)
20 Underhand-grip lat pulldowns (resistance bands)
20 Reverse Lunge with forward reach (20 lbs each leg)
20 Single arm rows (15 pounds each arm)

15 minutes of intervals with 2 negative chin ups.

Also, I have to say….I bought some new workout clothes and I’m not sure I like them. The top I bought has a sports bra built in (which is fine), but it has a spandex shirt that goes to the waist. It keeps riding up when I run. My compression pants, they keep riding down when I run. I think I’ll keep those for weight training and find something else for intervals. Has anyone else ever had this happen?? Can you recommend some good non-riding up/down clothes for running/intervals?

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