There Are No Paleo Pretzels


It is so funny I have to share! I bought my caveson the shirt you see at the top of the page. It’s from my shop, but it’s his favorite. He wore it to the grocery store this morning. As we entered the shop, he was a few feet in front of me and I was behind him people watching (as you do). Well, I caught this one guy looking at my caveson and then his shirt. And then in an instant, a very quizzical and confused look crossed this guys face. He had no idea what the slogan on the t-shirt meant! It was absolutely hilarious to watch his reaction.

So what does the shirt mean? I have to give the credit to my dad…the Chief Caveman. I introduced both of my parents to the Paleo lifestyle about 16 months ago and it is something they have enjoyed doing. Well, when they first started, my dad asked a lot of questions like, what can you and can’t you eat. Basically, what’s off the menu. As we went through the list, he exclaimed, ‘So there are no Paleo pretzels?’ And we all laughed about it – on eof those family jokes. So when I opened my T-shirt shop about a month ago, this was one of the first slogans suggested. Now it is forever immortalized on a t-shirt.


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