Balance is Key


Balance in anything and everything is key. Try eating a diet of just potato chips (crisps)… feel like crap. Try to walk without balance…you fall down. Try to ride a bike without balance….you fall over and break your face. Try living life without balance….you fall down and cry.

A life without balance is like a 2 legged stool. It’s not stable so it’s not going to stand up. It may be able to ‘balance’ on two legs for a very short period of time, but what happens when a light breeze comes along, or someone knocks into it accidentally on purpose? It falls down. People are the same way. I am convinced we need balance in the three key areas of our life in order to be healthy mentally and physically. For me (and you can change the labels to fit your life, but this is what works for me) balance between my professional, personal and spiritual life is key. These 3 can be further broken down in to subcategories.

1. Professional – I work outside of the home – 50 hours a week. I want to be the best in my field and provide a high level of service to those I work with.

2. Personal – This includes my caveman, my 2 cavebabies, my friends and making new friends. It also encompasses creativity with music, writing this blog and other things I enjoy doing (i.e healthy eating, working out, gardening, etc).

3. Spiritual – Praying, fellowship and attending church.

Last year, was a tough year and I was completely off-balance. I was suffering in all three of the above. There was a job change, a move across country, trying to make new friends in the new area, a lack of creativity and trying to find a new place to attend church. And because I was off-balance, sleep was difficult, stress was higher and working out wasn’t a top priority. However, in the last 4-6 months, things have turned around as I have taken back my life and added more balance (and continue to look for more ways to add balance).

1. Professionally – Better time management practices

2. Personally – Adding Fun Days with my kids so we spend quality time together (i.e laser tag, working out with my cavebabies). Doing something for me like writing this blog and starting my vegetable garden, working out and eating 100% Paleo. Entering the Mad Monk and Race for Life Races. Starting a Paleo Meetup club in Birmingham to meet fellow Cavemen and Cavewomen.

3. Spiritually – Attending church and functions like Messy Church with the cavebabies to add fellowship, grace and balance to our lives.

Freindship bracelets at Messy Church

Vegetable people making at Messy Church

Footprints - Messy ChurchPotatoe printing at Mesy Church

I feel better, still not 100%, but almost there. I still have a bit of work to do, but that’s life isn’t it?

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