WOD – 10 Days and Counting

10 Days and counting to the Monk Run! I’m not so nervous anymore especially as this week I seem to have made a huge breakthrough with my running. Lets just say it’s a really good thing that I no longer get winded after one lap around the track! I can now go almost 3 laps running and feel great! I know, I know, you marathon runners out there are screaming, ‘But you’re running a 10k next week and that’s all you can do??!!’ The Monk Run isn’t pure running, there’s crawling and swimming and climbing too. Plus I have the added benefit of only competing with myself. I know I’m not going to come in first, but finishing somewhere in the middle for me would be awesome! I’ve never done this before!!

I must really like this stuff, cause yesterday I signed up for a 5k, Race for Life in June to raise money for CAncer Research UK.

Oh and my cavedaughter joined me this morning for the run – she completed a lap with me and then went and played ont he playground. That’s ok, she’s 8!


15 minute intervals
15 pushups
15 reverse crunches
20 reverse woodchops
10 Romanian Deadlifts (22lbs)
10 Weighted Squats (22lbs)
20 Seated Rows (Resistance Bands)

Wish me luck – tomorrow is day 4 in a row of working out. I’m starting to get tired…..muscle exhaustion here we come!

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