Exclusive! Naked Cavewoman Pictures Here!

Now that I got your attention!

I’ve been writing this blog since December 2012 and since that time, the blog statistics have collected some very interesting data. Some of it VERY humourous – so much so that I thought I would share!

To date, there have been 123 key search words used to find my blog. Of those, 25% were the funniest – all of which are searching for naked or nude cavewoman. Does this blog really appeal to your prurient interests?? I hope not… this is a family blog! So, the question I have now, are you in that 25%? Should I be flattered or frightened? They are funny enough to share with you, as I thought we probably all needed a laugh mid-week.

My favorite key search words:

1. Cavewoman Gets Naked – Really? Did they have cameras or YouTube during pre-historic man? How would you know if it wasn’t a fake?
2. Crossfit Naked – All I can think of here is, ‘OUCH!!!!’ I can’t think of anything more painful, but I guess if someone is searching for this they want to see all the bits go flippity floppity and get a good laugh? Who knows. You won’t find that here.
3. Pictures of Naked Cavewomen – Again I go back to number 1.

Alas, this blog does not contain any nudity. You will find a humble cavewoman sharing her knowledge of all things Paleo, nothing less.

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4 Responses to Exclusive! Naked Cavewoman Pictures Here!

  1. Amanda says:

    I once had someone stumble across Curious Cavemanda by Googling “Mama Chicken Porn”. Hey, a view is a view, right? lol.

  2. nicolemkurz says:

    I was just considering this topic for my own blog as I have a number of “fat kid with a boner” searches each week. My blog has “fat kid” in the title and I posted a month ago about a “lady boner” so evidently that keeps the interesting folk of the world stumbling in for more. 🙂

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