WOD – Recovery Days

I know I put WOD in the title, but I am working out – I promise! This is a recovery day. I’ve had 2 really intense workout days back to back and when I woke up this morning, I was incredibly sore. So sore it hurts to laugh!

My body is busily breaking down muscle fiber and building it back stronger. Recovery days are just as important as your work out day. So today, I’m going to stretch a little, just so I can move a bit more painlessly, drink loads of water, eat a lot of protein and a lot of fiber! In any given week, I usually alternate workout and recovery days and it’s not too bad. But I’ve had to kick everything up a notch due to the Monk Run. I am now T-minus 13 days and counting and I still have a lot of work to do.

My plan for this week includes today as a recovery day, and then back to the weights and cardio again on Tuesday-Friday. Recovery Saturday and Sunday since I will be out of town with friends all weekend. Then back to it for a last week of intense workouts, recovery on Saturday and Monk Run on Sunday.

Wish me luck!!

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