Everyday is Earth Day


Earth Day is on 22 April 2013. I understand the purpose of Earth Day, but shouldn’t everyday be Earth Day?

I look at the Paleo Lifestyle for instance. Generally modern-day cavemen and women are concerned about the following:

1. Sustainable, real food sources (i.e. grassfed beef, etc)
2. A reduction of chemicals in the environment and food chain
3. An emphasis on fruit and veg in the diet
4. A reduction of processed sugar in the diet (thus improving overall health and reducing medical expenses and the need for medical care)

I’ve probably missed some (feel free to comment on any I’ve missed), but you get the idea! Cavemen and women are doing something for the environment each and everyday. This is having a positive impact on their lives as well as the lives of the people around them.

I think it’s great that there’s one day in which we celebrate the Earth, but I honestly believe that modern Cavemen and Cavewomen (and their cavebabies) are one step ahead of the UN.

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