Spring Has Sprung!

I am so happy right now!! It’s nearly 70 degrees outside (first time in 6 months), my windows are open, laundry is hanging on the line AND I’ve repotted my vegetable garden!! I love veggies fresh from the garden and by starting the garden, it means that summer is right around the corner.

I’ve got a small veggie garden this year, but I now have coriander, basil and chives growing in a nice grow box. It will eventually be moved in to the kitchen to sit on the window sill.


Then I repotted all of the tomato plants – some are inside and some are outside. I’m going to experiment this year to see which ones get ripe fruit first! I’m willing to bet it’s the inside plants that do.


Then I repotted my pathetic little pepper plants. They didn’t start off so well this year, but fingers crossed that will all change.

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