Training Update

What a beautiful start to the weekend! I woke up and it was -1C outside AND the sun was shining…not a cloud in the sky! I put my running tights, compression socks and compression top on with a nice knit hat and hit the road. I did intervals for about 20 minutes. Alternating running and walking up and down all of the lovely hills in my village.

Once I arrived home, I stretched a bit, got a quick drink of water and then hit the weights for about 20 minutes. I alternated between barbells and dumbbells as well as good old-fashioned resistance training with my own body weight. Here’s what I accomplished:

16 Barbell Squats (22 pounds)
30 Static lunges
15 Push Ups
15 Barbell Romanian Deadlifts (22 pounds)
15 Dumbell bent-over rows (10 pounds each arm)
8 Barbell incline bench press (10 pounds each arm)
8 Seated row (resistance band)
15 Dumbell Squats (15 pounds each arm)
15 Dumbell Shoulder Press (10 pounds each arm)
8 Barbell deadlifts (22 pounds)

My caveson snuck in and snapped a quick picture of me working out. It’s not the prettiest, but thought I’d share anyways!

I always love how I feel afterwards….revved up and ready to go!!

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