Edwardian Tea Rooms and Paleo

What, pray tell, do Edwardian Tea rooms and Paleo have in common?

A few days ago, my caveman said it would be nice to take the kids to a tea room. We’ve only lived in the UK for 8 almost 9 years and have never been. We’ve never had tea and scones in a tea room or had high tea or even been invited to a lawn party with the Queen. I daresay she is missing out!

We decided to visit the Avoncroft Museum (http://www.avoncroft.org.uk/). I’ve got to say, if you are ever in Worcestershire, UK and have the chance, stop by this awesome museum. It is kid friendly, has lots of open spaces and the kids can touch and climb on EVERYTHING!! The prices are reasonable too. You can even bring a picnic lunch to eat. It’s a good day out!

Anyways, they also have a tea room, which we did not know about prior to our visit, so we decided to check it out. They serve your teas and coffees, waters, sodas (yuck) and your typical Victorian sponges and cookies and cakes. However, on top of the case there is a note that says if you want Gluten free cakes, just ask! So I did. The very nice lady brought out a separate menu with about 10 different gluten-free options!! It was awesome! So I ordered the chocolate fudge cake and my husband ordered the spiced white chocolate cake. Both were lush! They were to die for!!

Choclolate Fudge Cake - yes it's gluten-free!!!

Spiced White Chocolate Cake - gluten-free and melt in your mouth goodness!

It looks like the Edwardian’s are making progress in the gluten free area and we were able to enjoy our tea without the worry of feeling sick afterwards. What a really nice day out with the cave family!

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