Paleo Socks

Ok, my Caveson loves to workout with me and will sometimes try new Paleo recipes – you know how kids are! However, he recently became more involved in trying to live Paleo by buying what he terms ‘Paleo socks.’ In fact, he wanted to become so involved that he even suggested this as a blog topic!

We were at TK Max over the weekend looking for socks for his ever-growing feet – he’s 11 years old and wears a mens size 7. Anyways, I digress. So I was pointing out possible candidates for socks and each one was ‘no, I don’t like it,’ OR, ‘those look like grandpa socks.’ You get the picture. So I stumbled across a pair of socks that have partridges on them. When he saw them and exclaimed, ‘Chicken socks!! Momma look, they’re Paleo!!!’ So now my son has a pair of Paleo socks for each day of the week.

My son wearing his new 'Paleo Socks'

My son wearing his new ‘Paleo Socks’

So I guess whatever it takes to get your kids involved and aware of healthy living and a healthy lifestyle!

How do you involve your kids in a healthy lifestyle?

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