Paleo Planning and Preparation

Ok, I got back on the wagon over the Christmas holidays. Eating a very strict Paleo diet 100% of the time and I even started lifting weights again. I’ve taken it a couple of steps further (no, I’m not eating raw meat or anything like that), I’ve given up processed sugar for the next 40 days as a sugar detox. I’ve also gotten one of the cavebabies to work out with me a couple of times a week. I haven’t done anything drastic. But after almost 90 days, I feel great!

I’ve also been trying new recipes along the way – some of which have been posted on here already. But I think the important thing to keep in mind when trying this new lifestyle is to stay focused and plan. This lifestyle takes a lot of planning and preparation. If you do it properly, then eating Paleo can be easy and cheap.

Here are some things I do almost religiously:

1. Plan your weekly menu and then build your shopping list. This way you’re not buying any impulse items and saving you money. I also like to do some of my grocery shopping online and have it delivered so that I refrain from buying things I don’t need and getting asked by the cavebabies, ‘Mooommmmm, can you buy this?’ I also like to involve the cavebabies in building the menu so I know it is something they will eat. Also, I like to buy things in bulk – when it makes sense.

2. If I come across a great deal on meat, I will buy in bulk and freeze it.

3. Fruit and veg that no one is eating and you’re afraid will spoil? No problem, dehydrate it and store for later.

4. Cook enough for dinner with the aim to have leftovers for a day or two. This is my lunch at work for the next couple of days. Its guaranteed Paleo and I don’t have to buy my lunch! If there are too many leftovers, freeze inindividual containers so you can take for lunch later in the month.

5. Make my own soup stock from chicken bones.

You can make Paleo as cheap as you want. You just have to get creative. What tips do you have for making Paleo good and affordable?


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