Paleo is about Freedom

I’ll say it again. Paleo is about freedom.

It’s the freedom to put good things in your body.
It’s the freedom to make responsible food decisions.
Its about freedom from putting chemicals and other processed things in your body.

I do not trust anything in a box or packet that says 100% natural ingredients and then you read the ingredients and there are 100 things listed. Oh and by the way, these 100% natural ingredients expire in 20 years.

I do not trust when a government agency says, these drugs are 100% safe and effective. Yet the list of side effects are a mile long.

I do not trust when a drink item says 100% sugar free. And then listed in the ingredients is ASPARTAME. Does anyone else get a nasty headache when they imbibe this stuff?

I do not trust when an item says it’s diet. Have you seen all the sugar they put in diet food? Ever wondered why you didn’t lose any weight when you ate that stuff?

I do not trust when things are labeled organic. Anything can be labeled organic. It’s best to know the source and do your homework.

I do not trust.

The only things I do trust are:

Food I’ve sourced and cooked myself, because I know what’s in it. I deal with a local farm that is local and produces their own fruit, veg and meat. You may think this is extreme, and that is definitely your right. But just think of the food scandals that have hapened because we the consumer took our eye off the ball – horse meat in the food supply? High levels of hormones in beef that causes early onset puberty? Just ot name a few. I do this, because I know it’s right to ask questions and to find a better way to take care of myself and my family.


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