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The two main types of sugars that we encounter are glucose and fructose. Many whole foods contain these two carbohydrates. Table sugar is equal parts glucose and fructose.  Glucose is found mainly in starchy root vegetables(potatoes, sweet potatoes, taro root, turnips, etc), grains(rice, corn, oatmeal, wheat, quinoa,etc), and certain fruits(bananas). The main function of glucose in the body is as fuel. It fuels the brain and muscles. Glucose is so important in this role that the body is able to generate glucose even when it’s not available from diet through a process called gluconeogenesis. When glucose is consumed, it immediately causes insulin to be released into the bloodstream. Insulin is the transport system utilized by the body to shuttle nutrients through the bloodstream to get where they are needed. Insulin takes the glucose the places where it is needed- the muscles, the brain and the liver. The glucose…

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