Sugar Detox


Last year for Lent I gave up all things sugar. I was already eating Paleo, but yes I would indulge in the odd piece of dark chocolate or put a bit in my tea, but for 40 days I went cold turkey. In those 40 days I lost a few pounds and gained a whole new perspective on things.

1. I really started reading labels. I couldn’t believe how much sugar is in everything! For example, I went to buy some smoked salmon for breakfast. I looked at the ingredients and it had been preserved with SUGAR! AAHHHH! I did eventually find some without sugar and was able to eat breakfast. I also could not believe that there was high fructose corn syrup (SUGAR) in pickles! Now, whenever I can my own pickles, I never put sugar in it! So what’s up with that? I learned very early on that you can’t assume anything (you know what they say about that?). So, I read labels on all new food items to ensure they do not contain sugar, glutens or soya.

2. Because there is so much sugar in everything, I started cooking even more meals for the family. I cooked even bigger meals so there would be plenty of leftovers for lunches, etc. I don’t force the cavebabies to eat 100% paleo, but I was bound and determined that they should have 1-2 meals a day with no sugar, thus reducing their overall sugar intake.

3. Cutting out sugar really forced me to look at alternative ways (and healthier ways) to get the sugar I need. The body runs on sugar plain and simple. Everything we eat is converted to glucose. But we get in trouble when we eat refined sugars. So when I got a craving for the sweet stuff, I’d reach for some fresh or dried fruit. Dried fruit especially, because the sugar is concentrated. At least this way I got the sugar and fiber my body needed.

This year I’m doing the same thing for Lent. Giving up sugar. I have been fairly strict already with this during the course of the year. But an odd truffle here and there has made its way in to my tummy. But for the next 40 days I consider myself to be on a sugar detox. It won’t be as difficult this year as it was last. I will take last years lesson’s and apply them this time around.

Have you ever been on a sugar detox? If so, what dd you learn? What did you accomplish?


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