Paleo – A Wonderful Bonding Tool

Yesterday morning was an especially fantastic Wednesday because my son, a growing caveman, asked if he could work out with me. I was dubious at first, but said,’Ok, I’ll wake you up at 0530, and we’ll do it together.’ The alarm went off at 0530, I woke him up and said I’d meet him downstairs in the homemade gym. 5 minutes later he was downstairs and I turned the music on!

We stretched our muscles out together and I had to explain the importance of stretching and why we do it. Then I handed him a 5lb weight and started teaching him how to do weighted squats, Romanian deadlifts and shoulder presses. Then we moved on to push ups and crunches. It was fun teaching him the proper forms and encouraging him along when he was getting tired. What was also nice was the conversation in between those exercises about his day or what he found interesting.

For me, it wasn’t an especially intense workout (physically) as I like my muscles to feel tired at the end. And the next day I like to feel sore – just to know that I really did push myself and I accomplished something. But for me, I didn’t need to feel that this morning. What I find important on this Valentine’s Day is that I really did work my heart muscle yesterday in spending quality one on one time with my son teaching him something new. Yesterday, my heart got the ultimate workout.

Happy Valentine’s Day y’all!


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2 Responses to Paleo – A Wonderful Bonding Tool

  1. Megan says:

    Ah!! This is amazing!!! How old is your son? I am definitely more of a work out buff than my parents (they both work out but not to the extent that I do) so when I am home they both will normally ask me for some new ideas and so I will join them in their home gym and help out. While it’s not the best muscle work out it is definitely more fun!

    • rmnvb1975 says:

      It is definitely more fun working out with someone! My son is 11 and he loved working out the other morning and wants to keep doing it! Im really glad you liked the article. 🙂

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