I love beer, but because it is choc full of gluten, I don’t drink it.  It makes me feel all bloated and yucky.  BUT, last weekend in the FREE FROM section of Sainsbury’s, I found a gluten free beer – well Ale really.  It was reasonably priced (£1.59) per bottle, but I was skeptical about the taste.  I didn’t rush and buy a 6 pack, I started with the one.

I got to tell you, I really REALLY enjoyed this beer.  It was crisp tasting and didn’t have the bitter after taste.  It’s Green’s Premium Golden Ale and I would highly recommend it if you’re tired of drinking ciders or just looking for something different.  It is gluten free as the brewers use de-glutenised barley, malt , maize and hops.  This definitely offers  you a choice.   One bottle is 330ml and the alcohol content is 4.8%.  It’s strong and it’s brewed in Belgium.




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