Paleo Snacks

Who doesn’t love a snack in the morning or afternoon?  Leading a Paleo Lifestyle can often times make snacking difficult especially when everyone around you is shoveling piles of sugar and fat into their gobs.

3 weeks ago we stumbled upon a company called Graze.  They deliver snacks to your home at a reasonable cost (£3.95) per box twice a week.  When we get home from work and school, the cavebabies tear into them and nothing is left (see below)!

The beauty about Graze is that you choose what you get delivered, from dried fruits to nuts, the sky is the limit.  They have fruit selections, gluten free selections, etc.  You also get to rate each box delivered so that if you don’t like something, it will never be delivered to you again.

I am lucky enough to posses 4 codes that grant the bearer a free graze box.  If you live in the UK (have to live here sorry as they only deliver in the UK!) and you are one of the first 4 people to send me an email (, I will send you a code for a free box.

If you want to check it out for yourself, go to  Enjoy!

001 002


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