So, What Can You Eat?

I attend a lot of meetings and conferences and invariably the question about dietary requirements comes up.  I love the crazy looks I get when I tell people I eat a gluten and dairy free diet.  Most looks are akin to lobsters crawling out of their ears, like, ‘So, what can you eat?’   Then I usually get a plate of nothing but vegetables….so where’s the beef?

This is a great conversation starter about what you can eat and how it’s so tasty and why you started eating this way.  I love talking about how these choices are really all about the freedom of choice about what you put in your body and how you are taking a stand for healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle.  You are taking responsibility for your own health.

Now, when people ask me about dietary requirements, I still say gluten and dairy free, but then I also list out what I can eat: plenty of meat, fruit and veg.  Once I give people that list, you see the lights go on and they say, oh, that’s easy!


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13 Responses to So, What Can You Eat?

  1. Wow, I was just told by my trainer this morning to detox and do a gluten & dairy free diet. Thanks for sharing this and your blog with me. This will help along my journey too!

  2. I get that all the time too. It shouldn’t be that hard for people to understand. It’s crazy to think what our world has evolved to in the way of food and what people consider “normal”. I hope to see a day where clean eating is normal again.

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