Diet V.s Lifestyle Change

For me, it was important to establish the difference between a Diet and a Lifestyle Change.  Why? There are HUGE differences between the two that spell disaster or success, and I want to be a success.

The word Diet implies a temporary change. As defined by the Free Online Dictionary (, a diet: has fewer calories; sweetened with noncaloric sugar substitute; designed to reduce or suppress the appetite.  Who wants a diet with fewer calories, or put chemicals into their bodies or reduce their appetite?  Are any of those realistic or sustainable?  I tried for a period of time eating a low-fat diet and when I got hungry, which was all the time, I was irritable and nasty.  For me, this was an unsustainable diet.  Plus, after about a week or two I stopped losing weight.  Your body goes into starvation mode and starts to hold on to EVERYTHING because it doesn’t know when it’s going to eat again.  So for me, the word diet is a total LOSER and a lot of hard work.

The word Lifestyle Change, implies a permanent way of living your life.  Hence the word change.  The Free Online Dictionary says:  To give a completely different form or appearance to; transform.  The Paleo Diet transforms your life.  More energy, improved health and you are never hungry.  You’re never hungry because the food you are eating packs more nutritional value than a temporary diet gives you.  Because of this, your body is not operating in starvation mode.  It has no reason to hold on to everything you put into it.  You are operating a lean, mean Paleo machine.

Because of this important distinction, I’ve been a success.  Paleo is the easy option – no counting calories, no portion control, etc. I don’t like temporary , I like permanent.  Why do hard when you can do easy?


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