Happy New Year to a New You!

Happy New Year!

For me 2013 represents a renewed opportunity to move to a more consistent Paleo lifestyle.  2012 was full of ups and downs, both personally and professionally – and so was the Paleo.  I am only human and can only learn from it all.

In 2013, I am going to be consistent with Paleo.  I know and understand the benefits of leading such a healthy lifestyle.  To make it easier, I’ve already started doing a few things.  First, I’ve started this blog for some personal accountability.  Without accountability, what is motivating you to meet and achieve your overall goal?  So I will be posting what I eat, recipes, my thoughts, results, challenges, etc.  Please comment, tell me what you want to hear more about or tell me off if I’ve gotten off track!

Second, I am on the lookout for new and creative recipes.  Not just savory, but sweet recipes too.  We all need a treat from time to time, but it’s better if it falls under the Paleo category.  I am on the hunt for such recipes and will be sharing and reviewing them – I will be completely honest if I did or didn’t like the way something tasted.

Last, but not least, I will have fun doing this.  I am passionate about good, healthy food.  If you can’t have fun then why bother?

Happy New Year and I hope 2013 is the best yet!


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2 Responses to Happy New Year to a New You!

  1. dizzypru says:

    For some sweet recipes you should check out Juli’s blog at paleomg.com She has tons of recipe in general that you can search from based on the meat or vegetable you want to use, and she has a lot of desserts!

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