Paleo – 3 Month Results

Here is another entry from the Paleo diary at the end of the first 3 months.   I like re-reading these entries because it’s important to stay focused on why you want to make this lifestyle change and acknowledge the progress you make along the way.

This week marks the completion of the first 3 months of this Paleo lifestyle (I hate the word diet).  I have seen some amazing results:  I have lost nearly 15 pounds, blood pressure is steady and in normal ranges, sleeping like a baby, my hair has thickened up, no more annoying breakouts and my energy is through the roof.  I’ve also been able to try some pretty amazing new food and recipes.  I love my food and I love that I am never hungry.  If I do feel a bit peckish, well, I go get something to eat.

Now that my body has adjusted to eating this way, I’ve re-introduced workouts.  When I started this I was working out, but found that my body needed to adjust to the new eating regime first.  I did my first workout this morning in 90 days.  I did 20 minutes of Zumba and 10 minutes of weight training.  I feel great! Energized and ready to face the day!  I could probably do more, but alas, I have to get the cave babies out the door to school and me to work.

Now for breakfast….leftover salmon and cantaloupe sprinkled with flaxseed.



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