Paleo – Week 8 Results

Here is another entry from the Paleo diary.  It’s after the first 8 weeks of the lifestyle change.  Keeping a record or diary of when you start this incredible journey is a great way to track your results and share them with others.  It’s also a great way to remind yourself of the important principles of the lifestyle change even when you’ve been doing it awhile.

I just started week 8 of this Paleo diet – and I got to say one thing – WOOHOO!!

Some really great results after only 2 months:  My BP has remained consistently low (average of 109/68), I lost another 5 pounds this month, my skin is STILL clear, my energy is through the roof, no 2pm slumps, I sleep GREAT at night (no more insomnia), I know I’ve lost inches off my waist because I have to tighten to the third notch on my belt (I’m going to start tracking that statistic for the next month)!

The other great news is that I finally found a Paleo chicken recipe that the cave babies will eat!!!  Greek Chicken Kebabs with Greek Salad (see below for the recipe) and spiced bananas for dessert.  My cave son couldn’t get enough of it last night!  Yeah!!!!

So, off to breakfast for now to start a great week 8.  Cold pork chops with zucchini and mushrooms, strawberries and a cup of green tea.  Cheers!

Greek Paleo Chicken with Greek Salad

For Greek Paleo Chicken:

Marinate Chicken in olive oil, lemon juice, chopped garlic and oregano for about 2 hours in the fridge.  Then stick on skewers and bake for 20 minutes at 200C until juices run clear.

For Greek Salad:

Slice cucumbers, bell peppers, tomatoes and put in a bowl.  You can also add a few black olives if you’d like.  For the dressing add olive oil and lemon juice.  You can also add garlic and oregano for your own taste.

Spiced Bananas:

Slice bananas on a plate and then sprinkle with nutmeg.

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