Paleo – Month One

I thought it would be fun to drag out the Paleo diary from a year ago to share with everyone!  This is myexperience of Paleo in the first month.

This is me after completing a 5k.  I was 140 pounds when I started the Paleo diet!

This is me after completing a 5k. I was 140 pounds when I started the Paleo diet!

I have officially been eating ‘Paleo’ for one month, and how has it gone so far?

So far, I’ve lost 5 pounds.  May not seem like a lot, but this way of eating is designed to get you back to your optimal weight.  My suits fit me much better and I have had to cinch my belt another notch!

I have also been sleeping so much better at night!  I use to wake up several times during the night and then just wake up at 3am for no apparent reason and not be able to get back to sleep.  Now, when I go to bed, I am able to sleep through until about 530am (it’s time to get up anyway!).

Another positive result is that I no longer get that 2pm slump – you know the one where you start yawning and want to take a nap?  That has disappeared and I still remain focused and energized.   I don’t really experience a slump anymore.  I have a helluva lot more energy nowadays!

I have also found that my recovery time after workouts is faster and I’m not as sore anymore.  Also, my right knee has been hurting on and off.  Since eating this way, it no longer hurts and pops a lot less!

Because I no longer eat processed foods, my taste buds have readjusted to eating more natural.  I wanted to test this theory and actually ate one little ‘Cheeto’ – OMG!  It was pure salt and I couldn’t continue!  Fruits and veg never tasted better!

It has been a month since I’ve had milk (I’ve slipped up and had a few peices of cheese, but hey I’m human) and I don’t miss those obligatory bowls of sugar anymore.   Breakfast now consists of last nights pot roast and some fruit with a nice cup of green tea.

This is something that I am definitely going to continue to do.   It has opened my eyes to a whole new way of living and taking care of myself so that I can be around to bug my kids and spoil my grandkids (not for a long time yet!) when the time comes!

Now off to make a paleo meal tonight:  baked salmon and plenty of veggies!  Yummy!


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6 Responses to Paleo – Month One

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  4. dizzypru says:

    Thank you for posting your old diary – I “tried” Paleo last October (after reading and researching it for almost 7 months) and I swear your description of how you felt, especially the before/after regarding sleeping, could have been taken from my own diary. I’m ashamed to say I let the holidays get the better of me last year and wimped out. I’m now dedicated to getting back on track. I think I messed up when I thought I’d “try” Paleo – as Yoda says, there’s no “try” just “do!” I just need to DO PALEO!

    • rmnvb1975 says:

      You can do it! Just start with a few meals to get into the swng of things. I like to make extra at meal time so I have leftovers for lunch the next day. Keep going and let me know how you get on!

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