Welcome to Paleo!

18 months ago I started my Paleo journey. When I started, I weighed 140 pounds, my blood pressure was steadily climbing, and I was suffering from insomnia. I had tried all of the typical ‘low fat’ diets out there in conjunction with my weight lifting regime. But I wasn’t losing weight, I was getting heavier. That’s when I stumbled on the Paleo Diet.

Everything I read in Dr. Cordain’s book about the Paleo Diet made sense to me. Eat all the lean meat, fruit and veg you want. Cut the dairy and processed food out and you will see the results. I decided to give it a week. After a week, I was already losing weight, I was never hungry and I was full of energy. Weeks turned into months and after only 6 months, I had shed 20 pounds, my blood pressure was back in normal range and I was sleeping again!

Over the course of 18 months, I have kept the weight off and my blood pressure has remained in the healthry range. So why am I writing this? I feel so passionately about this because it works. You don’t have to buy any meal plans or supplements, or pay a company any money to get results. All you have to do is eat what you were intended to eat.

Through this blog, I intend to chart my course and progress, share recipes, link to other Cavemen and women and hopefully contiue to learn along the way!

About rmnvb1975

A modern day Cavewoman
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